Through the Porn Host World Web Control Panel, you will have live access to the resources employed by your sites and the website traffic that’s generated by your customers. The information is introduced in a convenient graphical user interface, over a per–day, weekly and per–month basis. In addition, you can get detailed information about our system including the physical IP address of the hosting server, the Operating System, the now utilized variations of PHP and MySQL and others.

Server Information and Facts

Information about your hosting server

Inside the Server Info section of the Web Control Panel, you will find more information regarding the server your Linux cloud hosting account is found on. You can check the Operating System, the actual IP address and then the present Perl/MySQL editions, locate further information about the running Perl modules as well as the incoming and outbound email servers, watch the server load, etc.

You will also find details about the PHP edition without the need to put together phpinfo files, and so on.

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Access & Error Reports

Learn how visitors communicate with your website

In the Access & Error Logs area of the Porn Host World Web Control Panel, you can trigger and observe the access and error reports for the web sites accommodated within your Linux cloud hosting account. The access log can be described as report on all the files uploaded on your web page (such as text files, photo files, movie files, and so on) that readers have requested to view.

The error log is a selection of all caution and error alerts connected with your website. It helps you prevent just about any potential problems with the website’s performance.

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Web Traffic Statistics

The best way to keep track of website visitors’ volumes

When you manage a booming site, it’s important to know a lot about website visitors – how many unique visitors your web site attracts, exactly how many visitors get back to your web site, precisely what keywords visitors utilize to come to your website, etc. In the Web Stats Manager section of your Web Control Panel, you can see two web traffic statistics tools – Webalizer and Awstats that will help you obtain all the info that you require.

The tools involve actually zero configuration. When your site is on the web, they will begin collecting information without any effort on your part.

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CPU Stats

Keep track of your websites’ server load

The CPU reports integrated within your Web Control Panel will give you live details of the server load that is generated within your hosting account by your scripts, database lookups, and so forth. So, the more dynamic and complex your site is, the more server allocations it may need to always be working well.

The CPU load figures are brought to you within an easily readable fashion and provides you with details about the hosting server load accumulated each day, per month or annually. This specific information will help keep you up to date about the server power use at virtually any moment and will help you to prevent your websites from going offline because of hosting server overload (exceeded CPU consumption limits).

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