SPF, which is an acronym for Sender Policy Framework, is an email security system, which is is intended to confirm whether an e-mail message was sent by an official server. Employing SPF protection for a particular domain will stop the faking of email addresses generated with the domain. In layman's terms: enabling this feature for a domain name creates a special record in the Domain Name System (DNS) which contains the IP of the servers that are permitted to send e-mail messages from mail boxes under the domain. Once this record propagates globally, it exists on all DNS servers that direct the Internet traffic. Any time some email message is sent, the first DNS server it uses verifies if it originates from an official server. If it does, it is forwarded to the destination address, however when it doesn't originate from a server indexed in the SPF record for the particular domain, it's rejected. In this way nobody can mask an e-mail address then make it look as if you are e-mailing spam messages. This method is also identified as email spoofing.

SPF Protection in Cloud Hosting

If you host your domain names in a cloud hosting account with us and we manage the email addresses for them, you are able to activate SPF protection for all of them with a few clicks in your Hepsia Control Panel. The service can be found in a separate section where you will be able to view which domain names are already protected. For those which aren't, you can enable the SPF protection solution and set up various things during this process - the hostnames of the mail servers that are permitted to send messages from your mailboxes, the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of these servers, as well as to set a rule that email messages can be sent only if your domain names have our MX records. The last choice is the most secure one, but you can use it when we handle the email addresses for your domains and you're not using some other email supplier. The new records will be activated within one day and nobody will be able to forge the FROM field in an email by using your e-mail addresses.

SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, that comes as standard with all our semi-dedicated servers, will provide you with an incredibly intuitive interface to enable the SPF security service for every domain that you host inside your new account. A few clicks in the Emails section of Hepsia are enough for that then you'll only have to enter the hostname and the IP address of the mail server which will be permitted to send out messages from your email addresses. In case the e-mail messages are taken care of on our end and not by a different provider, you are able to raise the protection level even further and activate an option for all of the outgoing e-mails to be sent only if your domains use our MX records. This option will provide you with increased control and it'll eliminate any possibility of anybody faking your e-mail addresses with the objective of spamming and / or scamming people. It is not applicable when only your website is on our modern cloud hosting platform, while your emails are managed by a different provider. If you aren't sure what options to select, our technical support team will assist you 24/7.